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Top 6 Weirdest Health Tips That actually works

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Top 6 Weirdest Health Tips That actually works :

In your childhood, your mother says that never swallow chewing gum it would be stuck in your stomach. another example is that whenever you swallowed any seed and you think a tree grows in your tummy. We all know that these are the horror stories. but in reality, some of these weird tricks actually work. The following weird tips are very helpful to keep your health some of them may save your life.

Without any delay, let’s start with us to seven weird tips. are you ready?

1. Never brush your teeth right after a meal.

It is true that never brush your teeth immediately after take drink or meal. Because it corrodes your enamel layer of teeth. the scientific report says that our meal or drinks contain acid which is responsible for the corrosion of teeth. Wait for at least half an hour after taking meal than brushing your teeth which is good for oral health.

2. Keep your body to fit in small size.

fit body

A kg of muscles weight same as a kilogram of fat. but muscles are compact in size and fit in smaller space. For an example, if a fatty and a muscular person have same weight than muscular person fits in a smaller size of jeans then a fat person.

3. Eat more calories to reduce weight.

Carbohydrate does noting in your body just increase your sugar level in blood and increase fat. but high protein diet helps to build muscles. After eating carbohydrate diet in short time you feel hunger again. In case of protein, it keeps you satisfied for a longer time after a meal. High protein meals are cheese, peanut butter, chicken, red meat, beef, chickpeas, kidney beans an so on.

4. Drink hot drinks to keep you cool.

In India, it is ideal to drink hot tea in summers. It sounds crazy but scientific research says that if you drink a hot beverage on a hot day it keeps you cool more than cold drinks. This is because of after drinking a hot beverage your body produces more sweat which when sweat evaporates it cool off your body.

5. Exercise to increase your energy level.

energy level

After a long day of tiredness, the last thing you have to do is exercise. exercise will help you to energize. It is because exercise recharges your body cell by giving them more oxygen. Physical exercise helps us to boost our muscles strong and improve the working of mitochondria which produces energy in the cell.

6.Close lid Before flushing the toilet

Always flush your toilet after closing the lid. If you don’t, the water particles of your toilet will float around your bathroom. Scientists say that the toilet creates a water cloud which contains bacteria and viruses will expel in the air by the air force of flush.

the toilet cloud also is known as “toilet plume”.

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