Anxiety Disorders Treatment

Anxiety Disorders Treatment & Symptoms

Anxiety Disorders Treatment

Here we are going to discuss about Anxiety Disorders symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis  and anxiety disorders treatment. More than a million people experienced mental disorder in the world.

What is Anxiety Disoders ?

Anxiety can be experienced in many different ways. If you experience certain criteria, then your doctor can diagnose you with specific disorders. mental disorders are different, though. It is a group of different mental illness, and the problems that they create can prevent you from taking your life normally with you. Those who have one, intense and fear are constant and heavy, and may be disabled, but with treatment, many people can manage those emotions and return a complete life.

Types of Disorders

disorder is depends on different conditions:

Generalized anxiety disorder: if a person feel excessive unrealistic worry and tension and you find little or almost no reason for that. than that person is suffered from Generalized mental disorder.

Panic disorder: You feel panic or terror that strikes on random  During the attack of terror, you may feel sweating, chest pain, and beating (abnormally strong or irregular heart beat). Sometimes you may feel that you are choking or the heart attack.

Social anxiety disorder: IT is also known as a Social Phobia. This happens when you feel a lot of anxiety and self-consciousness about everyday social situations. You decide about others or embarrass or ridicule you.

Specific phobias:  Specific phobia if you feel intense of any object or any situation like water, height, stage, and so on. Fear goes beyond what is appropriate and you can motivate you to avoid normal situations.


  1. Terror, fear and restlessness
  2. Sleep problems
  3. Calm and still not able to live
  4. Cold,
  5. sweaty,
  6. numb or tingling hands or feet
  7. Shortness of breath
  8. heart palpitation
  9. dry mouth
  10. Nausea
  11. Tight muscles
  12. dizziness

Risk Factors

Due to panic disorder, presently unknown, but possibly a combination of factors including genetic, environmental, psychological and developmental. mental disorders can run in families, suggesting that combination of gene and environmental stress can cause disorder.


The first step is to look at your doctor to make sure that there is no physical problem due to your symptoms. If an anxiety disorder is diagnosed, then a mental health professional can work with you on the best treatment. Unfortunately, many people with mental disorders do not help, they do not know that they have effective disease that is effective treatment.

Anxiety Disorders Treatment

Anxiety disorder treatment done by the several therapies

Most people with the condition try one or more of these therapies:

Psychotherapy: This is a type of consultation that addresses emotional response on mental illness. A mental health expert helps you to talk about understanding and dealing with your anxiety disorder.

Cognitive behavioral therapy: It is a type of psychotherapy that teaches you how to recognize and change thought patterns and behaviors that triggers deep anxiety or panic.

Medication:  Many antidepressants can work for mental disorders. This includes escatlomum (Lexapro) and Fluxasset (Prosecut). Some anticonvulsive drugs (usually taken for epilepsy) and low-dose antipsychotic medicines can be added to help improve the other treatments. Anoxiolitics are also medicines which help in less anxiety.

Treatment is almost easy you have to manage your symptoms . Hope you this article will helpful for you.

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